What is USC FUEL Hardcore Mass gainer

March 19, 2018

With Hardcore Mass from USC Fuel experience an Extreme Mass Gainer . Part of the Muscle Growth range. 32 Servings / 32g Protein / 343 Kcals / 28g Carbs


Hardcore Mass provides your body with a precise combination of high quality proteins blended with ‘slow-releasing’ complex carbohydrates and fast-acting high glycaemic carbohydrates for rapid glycogen replenishment. This mass gainer also delivers a full spectrum of amino acids for an enhanced post-workout recovery.


Hardcore Mass is a premium quality formula designed to help add high quality calories to your daily diet without compromising protein content and building lean muscle mass without putting on fat.


It is easy to mix, tastes great and has been engineered for rapid absorption which makes it perfect as a post-workout recovery drink. Every shake contains the full range of nutrients your body needs to repair and build muscle tissue.



If you want to buy some USC FUEL Hardcore Mass you can do so by clicking here




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